New Jersey’s Trusted House Painters

With 20 years experience in the painting industry, we set out to provide our customers with a solution, a way for them to “Break the Painting Cycle” and protect their biggest investment.  The 5 year paint job was no longer adequate. Technology and ingenuity combined with superior, premium ingredients lead us to ArmorCoat™ Permanent Painting Process.  A complete painting system formulated and engineered, by two of the industry’s leading manufacturer’s, to protect and preserve America’s finest homes and buildings.  With enduring beauty and maximum protection, you can stop the costly re-painting cycle and get the piece of mind you deserve. Our commitment to quality products, is matched only to our commitment to customer service.  Honesty, trust and integrity make up the ethical framework of our day-to-day business operations creating a foundation and practice of “success through service.”

“We can’t say how happy we are with the job done and look forward to many many years of enjoyment looking at it. We would be more than happy to recommend your company to anyone that is looking to paint their house and then never have to worry about it again. This is a great product and our house looks GREAT!”
David D. (Basking Ridge, N.J.)

Simply put, the 3 year paint job should not be acceptable any longer. At Permanent Painting of NJ, we believe that our exterior products and services offer you, the homeowner, not only a longest lasting paint job, but the highest of quality and protection for your home which in turn saves you money over time.

We understand the focus on price when considering your exterior painting project. It is a very real factor in today’s economy, however we know that by choosing the right company and the right paint product, it is no longer necessary to have to paint and repair damage from product failure every few years and that saves you money.